How to Set up Google Adwords My Client Center

If your existing gmail account is linked to Google Adwords it is so frustrating if you try to setup Google Adwords MCC.

Surprisingly there is a resource on Google -> My Client Center

But it doesn’t help at all.

I tried it and tried it till I found these two resources. I am sharing these with you. Hope it will save you tons of research time icon smile How to Set up Google Adwords My Client Center

If you want to manage multiple Google Adwords accounts then you can MCC to manage them all in one place. There is one glitch though!
It is a pain to setup.
If you already have a Google Adwords account linked to your primary email then you can do one of 2 things.
Create a new gmail account and transfer the ownership to the new account as shown in this article
Alternatively you could follow the instructions here
Check it out at

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