How to run a PPC Campaign – Part 3

How to improve Quality Score

This is a part of our multi-part series on understanding how to run a successful PPC Campaign, which is optimized and focused. First we understood our customer, his business, and his competition. Then we studied and understood how to identify keywords for our campaign. We also learnt that we need to focus our adgroups with relevant keywords.

Today we will learn how to improve the Quality Score and the impact it will have on our Google Adwords Campaign.

Here are some quick Google Adwords Optimization Tips to improve the Quality Score of your Google Adwords Campaign.

1. Have tightly focused ad groups

2. Limit the number of keywords in an ad group

3. Try to make sure that your keyword occurs in the ad copy.

4. Make sure that the Landing Page is relevant to your ad.

5. Bid Wisely – The more the CTR or click through rate, the better your Quality Score. The Average CPC or cost per click will decrease over time with a better CTR and QS. You get better ad placements with lower CPC. This is because Google Adwords interprets a better CTR as a more relevant advertisement. So it translates to a improved Quality Score and paying less for a good position.

A well optimized Google Adwords Campaign will do wonders for your Campaign, budget and general health.

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