How to run a PPC Campaign – Part 1

Here is a PPC Campaign Strategy to help you get started with using Google Adwords and setting up your very first Google Adwords PPC Campaign.

When you have to setup a PPC or Pay per Click campaign, the very first thing to do would be to study the client business.

1. Understand your client business

2. Identify Keywords

3. Improve Quality Score in Google Adwords

4. Optimize your Google Adwords Campaign

5. Optimize your ad copy


Understand your client business

Go through all the webpages including the services, the about us page, their core selling point and what makes them different from their competitors.

Make a mental note of what sets the client apart from the competitors. This could be a 50% saving or free servicing or some other special. Try and gather all information about the various services offered by the client.

This will be used to identify keywords for your client. Identify the locations the client serves. For example: a dentist might serve locally only, whereas an insurance company might be targeting a wider audience.

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