Creating a LinkedIn Company Profile – Steps and a Cheatsheat

LinkedIn was a platform I dreaded. It was so very different from Facebook and Twitter that I did not want to go ahead with it. I felt I did not need it at all. Was I wrong?

First and foremost all my clients wanted to know if I was on LinkedIn. I was ashamed to let them know I was but not very active.

I hadn’t even updated my profile and had not logged in for months. One particular local client (a big shot) said he didn’t care about my favorite Facebook L He wanted a profitable campaign setup in LinkedIn because all his friends hung out there.

So here is how I got started adding a LinkedIn Corporate account. First select the Companies when you log in. It is right on the top.

Then select Add Company and this is the page you see (look below)

Add the company info and hit continue.

LinkedIn says you need to verify – so go to your email and verify the email.

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